Level 1 Cadillac, Level 2 Reformer and Chair Education

Michael King has been working with the Pilates technique for over 34 years. His reputation as a renowned presenter both in Fitness and Pilates has been established since 1980. His training programs are now taught in over 30 countries worldwide and has been instrumental in the development of national and international standards in recent years.

Malcolm Muirhead has a background in training, course development and Train The Trainer programs for more than 25 years Malcolm brings his skill and attention to detail to Pilates Instructor Training.

Michael and Malcolm will be teaching pilates equiptment course in Pilates studio Gibanica. The course will be in English.


Training dates

Cadillac, level 1: 30th April and 1st May 2013 (2 days, Michael King)

Reformer, level 2: 2nd May and 3rd May 2013 (2 days, Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead)

Wunda chair: 4th May 2013 (1 day, Malcolm Muirhead)


Nr. of days Trainings Price
1 day Wunda chair 250 €
2 days Cadillac OR Reformer 500 €
3 days Wunda chair AND Cadillac OR Reformer 650 €
4 days Cadillac AND Reformer 850 €
5 days All sessions 1000 €

VAT exempt under Article 287 of VAT Directive.


Additional information and registration

Ziga Tolic

Phone: + 386 40 390 660
E-mail: info (at) gibanica.si


Location of the trainings

Ulica Jozeta Jame 14, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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